5 RV Features Ideal For New England Fishermen

New England is filled with an abundance of rivers, lakes, and ponds that fishermen trek to every single year. If one day of fishing is not enough for your needs, then you can spend extended times at your favorite fishing spot by purchasing your own RV. Not only does an RV give you the ability to stay overnight and have an ideal living space, but there are many features that you can purchase that cater directly to fishermen. Browse through the following five features that you can find on RVs and enhance your New England fishing experience. 

Exterior Kitchens

If you enjoy cooking your biggest catch of the day, then you'll find many benefits through an exterior kitchen. Instead of filling the RV with smells of fish for days, cooking on the exterior can eliminate the lingering odors. Exterior kitchens often feature small stove tops that are ideal for searing fish and cooking side dishes like vegetables. A small pantry located in an exterior kitchen can give you access to seasonings, plates, knives, and pull-out carving stations to help you cut up the fish for proper cooking.

RV Storage Area

A single fishing trip could be filled with dozens of supplies including tackle boxes, bait, and spare fishing poles. Instead of filling your main living area with these items, you can shop for an RV with extra storage spaces that are ideal for fishing supplies. One of the main storage spaces to look for is a sliding storage bay. These storage areas are typically located underneath the RV. The are pulled out to reveal the storage compartment and to access items. When fishing in New England, you may encounter larger fish like carp or largemouth bass. A large fishing net can be stored under the RV and allow you to quickly access the accessory when it's needed for fishing. Extra poles and accessories like fishing pole holders can also be stored in a storage bay.

An RV pod is another ideal storage solution. A pod is basically like a car trunk on the RV. This is ideal for storing fishing accessories like chairs, boots, and jackets. Instead of bringing dirt and debris into the RV after a day of fishing, everything can be stored in the pod area.

Built-In Awning

New England weather can be really unpredictable. Rain storms, snow showers, and other forms of weather can come in at random times. You can still enjoy your fishing experience if you purchase an RV with a built-in awning. When the RV is parked alongside a river, pond, or lake, the awning can provide protection from the weather and still allow you to fish. By casting from the side, you can set up a few chairs underneath the awning and have plenty of space to reel in a big one.

Full Sized Showers

If you've shopped for RVs before, then you know that many of the showers look not much bigger than a kitchen sink. By seeking out specific features, you can actually find an RV with a large shower that has enough room to stand. After spending the day fishing, this is a great luxury. In New England, it's common to wade through ponds or rivers as you fish. Having the ability to take a normal shower after a day of fishing can help clean your body, rinse off bacteria, and get refreshed for the new day.

Ice Fish Houses

During the long winters in New England, anglers can enjoy plenty of ice fishing options. Get close on the ice and enjoy the warmth and comfort of an RV by purchasing an ice fish house. These specialty RVs can be placed right on a thick piece of ice using an ATV. When parked on the ice, you can have quick access to your fishing holes. The ice fish house also has space to hold fishing supplies like augers and tip-ups.

As you choose an RV, it's important to decide on the most important features for your fishing needs. This will help you narrow down options and make the best RV selection. Work with an RV dealer such as Orangewood RV Center to find an RV with one or more of these features, even if you don't live in New England.

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