3 Things To Expect When Your Vehicle Needs Auto Body Repair

If your vehicle is in need of some auto body repair work this summer, here are a few things that you need to expect during the process.

#1 It Will Take Some Time To Get A Quote

With auto body work, the auto body shop will always inspect your vehicle and provide you with a quote before moving forward with the work. It may take them a couple of days to come up with a quote because they will need to inspect your vehicle and source the parts. With auto body repair work, this often means calling junk yards and other similar places to get the body parts that they need to fix up your vehicle. 

Be prepared to wait a few days to get a full quote after dropping your vehicle off at an auto body repair shop.

#2 You May Have Multiple Repair Options

Second, be prepared to have multiple repair options presented to you. You can do basic repairs or you can do more in-depth repairs. It really depends upon what you want to invest in your repairs and how long you want the want the repairs to last. 

It is okay to research and take your take your time to decide what repair you want to go with after you are presented with the quote from the auto body shop.

#3 Arrange For Alternate Transportation

Third, make sure that you arrange for alternate transportation. It can take a few days for you to get a quote, and often up to a few weeks for the auto body repair work to be completed. Auto body repair is not a quick process. It is something that takes time.

If that vehicle is your primary vehicle, you are going to need to arrange for alternate transportation during that time period. If your vehicle was injured in an accident, and you have the right coverage, your insurance may cover your rental car costs. Also, some auto body shops sometimes have loaner vehicles that you can rent for less than local rental companies. See if any auto body shops in your area offer this service

When getting auto body work done on your vehicle, make sure that you are prepared for the quote to take a couple of days and for the repair process to take a couple of weeks. Also, make sure that you arrange for alternate transportation for yourself before you take your vehicle in.  

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