Ways To Better Prepare For Heavy Truck Towing Services

If you have a commercial rig or work vehicle that is rather large and it breaks down, you can't just use a standard tow service. A bigger tow truck will be needed, which means you'll be using heavy truck towing services. You'll handle them just fine if you prepare specifically for this type of towing service.

Verify You're Hiring a Heavy Truck Towing Company

Again, there are major differences between a towing company that handles regular vehicles and a company that is equipped to haul large commercial vehicles like semi-trucks. You need to verify you've made the appropriate hire before giving your information and paying.

Ask the towing company what vehicles they can tow, making sure your specific rig is supported. If you get their confirmation as they have the appropriate tow truck to complete this job safely and without causing damage, you can sign paperwork and get ready for the tow truck driver.

Specify the Services You're Looking to Use

After verifying that you've hired the right type of towing company, you will be given an opportunity to state what towing services you want to take advantage of. Some options are worth considering because they could make this situation less difficult overall.

A lot of heavy truck towing companies should also be able to fix flat tires, jump a dead battery, and recommend repair shops. Some of the aforementioned services may prevent you from needing to have your vehicle towed in the first place, which will save you some unnecessary steps.

Go With the Tow Truck Driver

You may be meeting the tow truck driver for the first time that comes out to get your rig, but don't let your nervousness steer you off from riding with the driver in the front of their tow truck.

Consider this option because it ensures the right precautions are taken while your rig is being towed. You also won't have to arrange for another riding service that is just going to cost you more money in the end. The tow truck driver is probably accustomed to giving clients a ride to repair shops anyway.

If you can't seem to get your commercial vehicle started or working safely and towing it is the best option, having a good sense of what this process will entail will save you confusion and anxiety. Find a company and work with them responsibly so that you can do what's needed to get your rig back out running smoothly. 

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