Things To Look For When Buying A Used Commercial Truck

If you are in the market for pre-owned commercial trucks, some excellent options are available. Knowing where to look, what to check, and how to find the right truck for your situation is essential, but many times working with a dealer that sells used heavy-duty trucks can be the perfect starting point.

Trucks And Features

When looking at commercial trucks, you will likely find many different makes and models available with a wide variety of features in them. Determining what you need in the truck is the first step in narrowing down the options out there. 

If you are unsure what you need, talk with the dealer who is selling the used heavy-duty trucks. Often they only sell commercial trucks, so they have a lot of insight and understand the features and abilities of the trucks they offer. In many cases, they can show you specific models that will haul the kinds of loads you need and may suggest some things you may not have considered when you started looking. 

After the features you need, you can start to look at items that you can do without but that would make life on the road more manageable and more comfortable. These are the things that you may not get in every truck, but if you find a truck that is perfect for your needs and it has additional options, it could be worth spending a little more money to purchase it.

Truck Service And Mileage

Commercial trucks spend a lot of time on the road, so the mileage on the used heavy-duty trucks you are considering could be crucial. If the truck already has a lot of mileage, the price will be lower, but the potential repairs and maintenance could cost you more over time. 

A truck that needs a lot of work can become expensive to maintain, and if it results in a lot of downtime, the money you save on the purchase price may not be a bargain later. Look for trucks with lower mileage, even if it means spending a little more, and ask the dealer if they have the service records for the commercial trucks for sale on their lot. 

The service records can tell you a lot about the care that the truck had, and in some cases, a truck with a million miles on the odometer may have been repowered with a new engine along the way, which can change things. If the service records are not available, you may want to pass over a truck with high mileage, even if it is the perfect truck for your needs. 

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